Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

My Daily Activity

My Daily Activity
My name is Fadilatullailiyah, I was born in Indramayu on March1991. I live in Islamic Boarding School “Istiqomah” Kanggraksan Cirebon. My  daily activity is attend the lecture in IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon. I take faculty of teachership education,  department Mathematical and Natural Sciences Biology semester VI.
My daily activity always beginning hurried to get first bath room because amount of bath room too small, that just four bath room, while all of peoples in my Islamic boarding school until fifty. I wake up at 03.00 o’clock, and then go to bath room to take bath. After that I usually optional prayer to please happiness in the world and in the beyond. Usually my friends also do like me. And we always that activity together. After optional prayer I prepare self and some lesson book to go to mosque in other place to subuh prayer and study of religion in the school. After arrive in the mosque to wait my teacher come we are usually reads Koran and after my teacher come, we all of prayer together.
After finished prayer we go to school together to study of religion. In the school we always study hard, because if we not know about that material, usually we must to stand up until finish lesson. So we always study hard to get some point from my teacher. We usually study of religion until 06.00 o’clock, after that we go to Islamic boarding house to prepare to go to campus. But beforly we must clean bedroom and don’t forget to washing of plats or clothes. And then after finished we immediately go to small shop to buy some food to breakfast. And we all of breakfast together and I prepare myself to go to campus, and then I go to campus with my friends.
Every  monday and tuesday I study intensive english language, because I wont  to speak english better be again. After finished study english language casualy rest in mosque for pray dhuhur, after that I am go into class for study lesson furthermore. After be over attend the lecture, I will be home until arrive in the campus we follow all activity in that place.
I usually go home about 04.00 o’clock and I follow activity in my Islamic boarding house again that is study of religion until maghrib prayer come. And we all of go to mosque to prayer and after read Koran together until isya prayer come. After isya prayer come we prayer together and after that go to school to study of religion again, until 10.00 o’clock. We usually fell sleepy. So we always go to bed until morning again or at 03.00 o’clock morning.
On every day I must decided spirit inside study, in order that aspiration and chance of success.